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Thread: Cheap Salmon this Friday page

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    Cheap Salmon this Friday

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    I get press releases and emails every day about some special or promotion or some such thing. Most get a passing glance at best. This one caught my eye. I'm not getting paid for this or doing anyone a special favor by publishing this here. Just thought some of you might be interested, as I was. Take it FWIW...

    Hi Mark,

    Wild Alaska salmon season is in full swing – what better way to “catch it while you can” than a one-day-only sizzling summer deal for $8.99/pound at Whole Foods Market on Friday, July 29?

    Coho salmon fillets from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified fishery are on sale. They’re hand selected by Whole Foods Market’s Alaska port buyer who spends the summer at Alaska’s port openings choosing the freshest salmon to send to our stores—within 48 hours or less of the catch! The blue and white “Certified Sustainable Seafood” MSC seal ensures that the salmon are abundant and come from a well-managed fishery. And, having our own port buyer means that only top-quality salmon that are bright-skinned with a firm texture are chosen.

    Quick and easy to grill, bake, broil, poach or sauté, orangey red-hued coho is a full-flavored salmon that makes a perfect canvas for the amateur cooks and professional chefs alike. Check out some of these salmon recipes for inspiration:

    • Wild Alaska Salmon and Avocado Salad
    • Poached Wild Salmon with Skillet Tomatoes
    • Rosemary-Lime Wild Alaska Salmon Kabobs
    • Grilled Salmon and Lemons with Herbs
    • Wild Coho Salmon with Sunshine Rice
    • Mini Wild Salmon Cakes

    If you think your readers would enjoy this sale, we‘d be thrilled if you to share the news with them.


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    My oldest son works at Whole Foods in the seafood dept and I am gonna have him stock up on this. Thanks Mark.
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    Nice catch.
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    Ha! I am a fishmonger at Whole Foods! Thanks for the shout out! I have 600# coming in for this Friday. I have lots of filleting to do! The coho should be beautiful, it's first of the season! And $8.99 lb is a steal for fresh wild salmon. Come and get it!

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    oh...may have to check this out... though my cousin is returning to DC w/ serveral Coh and sockey she caught while working in AK this summer for the forest service... & that's free! I'l I need to do is give her a place to stay until she gets her new housing at school set up!

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    I just got wild caught pacific salmon with skin and bone in for $2.99 a lb at Krogers 2 weeks ago. I took almost all they had out. I felt a littel selfish, until I hadit all cutup and in my freezer...

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    Costco has it too.

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    This special looks great! I never can find anything less than $10.99/lb for wild caught around here, even at the supermarket.

    I just called and pre-ordered 10 lbs. in 1lb. packages, wrapped for the freezer. They're even skinning some of them for me! WF is usually wicked expensive, but they're customer service is always fab.

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    SCORE! Bought a full container, 24#'s, come to think of it he might have knocked something off the $8.99 as there was no prep. Cut up and in the freezer now. Guy did not believe I was not from some restaurant. I cleaned them out of grass fed ground beef the last time that was on sale too.
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