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Thread: Tent Camping in Colorado

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    Tent Camping in Colorado

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    I am going to go camping for the weekend of August 12th and I am looking for some suggestions as to where to go. It needs to be within a 4 hour or so drive from Pueblo, Colorado. I don't care if its a small campground or just a wilderness area, we want a lake very close so we can fish, privacy is a good thing so no koa's with tent areas. There will be 3 adults, 1 toddler and 3 large pitbulls. Any ideas??
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    I used to love camping in the Poudre Canyon but I'm not sure how far from Pueblo that is.

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    11-mile reservoir:

    Section 14 in the following map is the best:

    Try to reserve site #910 - it's freakin awesome - I have camped there twice so far this summer: It is a 1 mile walk-in (boat-in) site but there are others (not in section 14) that you can just drive up to.

    You can also do 11 mile canyon, but I haven't been there in a few years and not sure how well it has held up.
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