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Thread: Body Fat vs. Deitary Fat - How much of each is my body actually burning for fuel

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    Sure. I'd agree that if you're going to say "insulin is the only thing affecting fat storage. Lower insulin, and you will reduce your body fat to shredded beach bod levels effortlessly.", you are over-simplifying. And I don't think Mark, or Gary Taubes, or Dr. Eades, etc. are going to assert that, or ever have. And again it's clearly not true, because if you're eating a good amount of protein, that will involve insulin release. And the more sensitive your muscles are to insulin (and the more muscle you have), the less insulin will be used, and the less fat will be stored. And other hormones like cortisol and HGH have something to say about your body fat ratio and muscle mass as well.

    In any event, like I said, ASP doesn't do anything for visceral fat storage -- that requires carbs and insulin in excess. And that's the most unhealthy type of body fat. So it's inaccurate for Lyle to seize on ASP and unscientifically extend its influence to an area it doesn't affect because it supports his point of view.

    Lowering carbs is an excellent and simple first step for people who are very obese. Trying to look like Mark or SuperMike will require additional steps, in my opinion, if the person is coming from insulin-resistant obesity with several hormones badly out of whack. That's where things like strength training and sprints and vitamins come in.

    I would really love to see a metabolic ward study of a modern protein, super high fat diet (like, 15% protein, 85% fat, 5000 calories a day, sedentary subjects) like the folks over at MagicBus were trying out, but nothing like that has been done yet.

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    Agreed. I recently binged on Macdonald's old forum threads on Taubes/ASP, looked up ASP, and happened across that Spark of Reason post. Lyle seems to have an enormous chip on his shoulder, and I frankly don't know how anyone can stand him for long.

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