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Thread: Blood pressure drop

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    Blood pressure drop

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    Not sure where else to put this but...

    I went full primal about a month ago (and never ate that much grains to begin with, at least not as much as the SAD), and a few days ago had my annual physical. Among other things, the nurse took my blood pressure and much to her (and my) surprise my blood pressure was 98/60. Normally it's around 115/70, and that seemed like a significant drop. I'm 27 and normally in "decent" shape (though I am in much better shape as of late).

    Is my much lower blood pressure (bordering on too low) something to be concerned about?

    Have others found significant drops in blood pressure after going primal?

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    I've had a significant drop but mine was dangerously high to begin with. I'd get a home monitor and keep track of it for a while.
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    Yes, I have too. Mine was creeping up. I was pre-hypertensive, with readings in the 130/90 range. After a few weeks primal it was consistently down to the 1-teen over 70/80 range. And after a few months primal, I often get readings like yours.

    When I got my first 90something/60something reading I was worried a bit but I looked online and found that as long as there are no symptoms to go with it, low blood pressure is just fine. And I feel fine, so eh. I'm in my 40's and not in great shape physically so for me, it's been totally changing my diet that has done this.

    Unfortunately, I get that white coat syndrome so my doctor sees my blood pressure as a bit higher. At the office I never get the really low readings. It was 110/70 at the last visit though, which is greatly improved over what it was. But if your blood pressure was a problem, I'd hope your doctor would have said something. That's the point of a check up, right?

    As long as you feel good, I wouldn't worry.

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