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Thread: Dr. Bronner's coconut oil

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    Dr. Bronner's coconut oil

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    just got some of this, completely blows the spectrum brand out of the water! the flavor is for real! here's some info, it's whole kernel, totally unrefined & organic. i think the unrefined bit is where the flavor comes in...

    Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Retail Store: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    the link shows both types available, "white virgin coconut," and "whole kernel." i got the whole kernel, with the black label. can't recommend enough!!!

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    Yes, I have changed from the spectrum brand as well. Discovered the Dr Bronner's brand at Whole Foods a few weeks ago. I also like the 365 brand as it's very similar in taste to the Dr. Bronner's having a stronger coconut taste which I like.

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    I usually stick with spectrum because I do not like the coconut taste.

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