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Thread: A Doctor that gets it!- Gut Dysbiosis

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    A Doctor that gets it!- Gut Dysbiosis

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    Ok, I will spare you all the lengthier details....but, over a year ago I had major issues with digestion, heartburn, nausea, etc. I controlled these symptoms with a primal diet, even took probiotics. I just recently went to my mother's new doctor, who is helping her with her osteoporosis and the underlying causes. So, he is a CRA, plus chiropractor. He does clinical nutrition and uses Biotics brand supplements. He pinpointed my problem as gut dysbiosis, which I already knew.

    He tells me that by eliminating the grains and sugar, I did the hardest part by myself already. (He has a food plan that he recommends for everyone, which he calls the Innate Diet...which seems pretty primal to me...). Anyhow, I'm now on 3 different supplements to take with meals and getting the probiotics from him tomorrow. He says the water I'm currently retaining and the small rash spots on my midsection will go away as I get better!! Glad to finally not be alone in tackling this...

    Just thought I'd share!

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    Great to hear that you found a good doctor, God knows its hard to find someone who isn't interested in just masking the symthomps! I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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    Thank you! Last year, before discovering primal...I went to your run of the mill doctors with my symptoms. They ran a ton of tests, cost me a lot of money, and gave me zero results. It was awful. This doctor loved that I had gotten my mom to eat more of this way before she even started to see him...Discovering this about him made me confident about seeing him.

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