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Thread: Chewing Gum

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    Chewing Gum

    I always have and still do chew gum pretty frequently. Sugar free of course but a piece still has 1g of sugar alcohol, 1 carb and of course other assorted chemicals.

    Anybody else chew gum frequently and should I be concerned about it?

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    i was wondering about this too as I am a frequent gum chewer as well....

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    Jul 2011
    I find that if I don't chew gum I am either grinding my teeth or chewing the inside of my mouth. Oral fixation much? I've chewed gum from the beginning of going primal (January 2010) and it has not stopped me from losing weight and I'm pretty sensitive to sweets. But of course, monitor how you react to it. Is it Primal? No. I guess it is in my 10 %. It also really helped me when I quit smoking last year.

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    Hasn't affected my weight loss at all. I do chew alot of gum though.

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    Anybody have any insight on this issue?

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    I used to be a nearly daily gum chewer, until I read this article about what is actually in that "gum base" that is the main ingredient of chewing gums:
    Chewing on Plastic? Yum! :: My Plastic-free Life | Less Plastic | Life without Plastic

    "If the label lists “gum base” as an ingredient, it may contain petroleum, lanolin, glycerin, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum wax, stearic acid, or latex,”

    Ick! As an alternative, I now chew on tea tree toothpicks at least once a day....but I do sneak a piece of gum every now and then.

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    Save for the aspartame I wouldn't sweat gum. I chew 6-7 pieces daily and am pretty lean. Helps with IF.

    As far as Spry gum, it's terrible. Doesn't have aspartame but the pieces are tiny and good for 2-3 minutes.

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    I have cut way down on the gum chewing and have taken up toothpicks when I really need to chew on something.
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    I heard that gum chewing, because of the sweetness, and trigger hunger signals?

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    I suppose it may for some, but for me it's the opposite. I chew gum to not think about food during my fasting period.

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