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Thread: Eating on the go!

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    Eating on the go!

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Steve and i'm pretty new to the primal lifestyle. I was introduced to it when I started CrossFit. For my job, I work as a EMT and work long shifts. As some people my notice EMT's aren't exactly the healthiest eating people. Eating out, grabbing fast food. I am not always able to prepare my food for the day. Looking to see if anyone had ideas when stopping somewhere needing something quick before emergency calls. What would be the best choice to grab??

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    Homemade beef jerky is my go to fast food.

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    Prep ahead of time. Hard boil a dozen eggs, cook up a roast in a crockpot - cheap beef & pork roasts are great. Pick up a rotisserie chicken and a big tub of prewashed spring greens mix. Keep a couple of tins of salmon or tuna, a can opener and a camping fork in your bag.

    Food doesn't have to be hard!
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    I hear ya, trying to eat out quickly Primal sucks. A couple options I choose when need be:

    • Chipotle - Salads, tortillas will kill you (just had this about 10 minutes ago)
    • Mongolian BBQ - I go to this place called Genghis Grill, I'm frickin addicted. Pass on the starch/noodles
    • Subway - Hey any Sandwich can be made into a salad...
    • Carl's Jr - The Low-Carb $6 burger is tasty!
    • Salad Bars - Sweet Tomatoes, Souper Salad, etc. These joints are usually way short on the protein but their better than other options.

    But yeah it's best to plan ahead and bring what you can.

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    It takes the same amount of time to run into a grocery store as a fast food place. Lots of the big supermarkets around here also have a deli section where you can grab meat, roast chicken, cheeses, even a salad bar.

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