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Thread: Pemmican sources?

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    Has anybody found a good source to purchase high quality pemmican? A source that uses grass fed meat and fat? I'd like to start eating this and there's no way I'm going through the process of making it myself. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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    I've never bought it myself, but some other members on the forum have tried this:

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    I've bought the pemmican maba linked to, it's pretty good, but honestly it doesn't hold a candle to homemade.

    I make mine with buffalo & marrow fat, I think the taste is much milder and the texture of the fat itself less mealy.

    If you don't have time though, I'd say the tub o' pemmican is a much better deal than the plastic wrapped bars.

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    I was okay with US Wellness before I started making my own, now the USW Pemmican doesn't appeal to me at all. This stuff can be very very good. I use it when I won't have a chance to sit down for lunch, and it's a great substitute.

    The first time I made it took a lot of hours, but now I can do an hour here and an hour there over a weekend and get it done. Doing it yourself is worth the effort.

    I just followed the directions in Lex Rooker's manual:

    and I made the box dehydrators according to his instructions:

    I kept casting about for a place to buy pemmican, but I'm glad I started making it. The reason you can't find real pemmican for sale is, at least in part, because you can't sell uncooked prepared meat in the US. When you make pemmican you are dehydrating it, not cooking it. The jerky you are making along the way will surprise you in its quality too.

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