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Thread: Help Me To Love Salmon

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    Quote Originally Posted by jqbancroft View Post
    I initially read that as orgasmic
    Actually I did mean to type orgasmic! Damn auto correct!

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    Grilled or baked with butter, garlic, dill, lemon wrapped in foil.

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    Everyone's different, and it may be that you may never grow to love salmon. If that's the case, there are other seafoods to enjoy nutriitionally.

    I do have one friend who absolutely HATED fish -- but when he tried raw fish in the form of sushi at the instigation of a friend, he was, in a word, hooked.

    Maybe the salmon you've eaten in the past has been over-cooked, or cooked at all. OR maybe you would prefer it well-done and dry, or even canned? Or, test it smoked. Wild smoked salmon tastes different than farmed Atlantic salmon, and both are available at some Costco outlets. If all these textural opportunities continue not to appeal, try different fishes. Sardines are high in Omega 3s, and at least in this area they are available both fresh and in cans (with water or oil).

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    From past experience, I've grown to love salmon using 2 gateway ingredients:

    any form of citrus (mostly lemon, lime or the little filipino sour thingies)

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