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Thread: Milk fat

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    Hey everyone,

    I live on something like 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs for 2 months now. The possible problem with my diet is that most of the fat comes from butter, i use it for everything i cook, and i use it i high quantities. (Actually i buy butter from the supermarket and make ghee from it because i find it much tastier.)

    Now i'm a bit concerned about the hormones in the milkfat and how they will affect me on the long term.

    Does anyone know of studies that linked hormones in the milkfat fraction (like progesterone, estrogen, testosterone derivatives...) to undesirable health effects? Or are there any indications that milk fat might not be a good source of energy?

    I know there are studies that show that butter consumption is beter than margarines (and some other vegetables oils, but that just proves that butter is better than margarines.

    I can substitute ghee with coconut oil and lard, but butter is cheapest fat here (butter: 1800kCal/ Coconut oil: 1533 kCal/ Lard (fresh, unsalted): 733 kCal/ Bread: 2650 kCal/).



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    I don't know about any studies, but I would say if you're using a lot of butter, I'd go for quality and buy an organic brand. I got some Organic Valley butter and it's probably the best butter I've had.

    Another option you have is to make your own butter. I've seen blogs and videos about it. A simple google search should find something useful.

    If you have Amish in your area, that might be an option for milk, butter and other whole, raw foods.

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