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Thread: Fitting in Crossfit workouts?

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    Fitting in Crossfit workouts?

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    Hello All,

    I just had a quick question for people out there that currently do crossfit either at a gym or at home. I currently play soccer (monday) and hockey (thursday) where I get plenty of cardio in, so I was wondering, for my crossfit workouts should I avoid ones with sprints/running etc and just focus on more lifting based ones? Or should I still just go with the workout of the day and see how it goes? I am new to crossfit and I am trying to figure out how to best fit it into my schedule. Does someone do something similar?



    PS. Any WOD websites for BW only (with pullup bar) lifting are greatly appreciated.

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    New to Crossfit too, just finished my first week. No professional or otherwise answer, but I'd listen to your body. If your legs are good, try the Rx'd WOD, if not modify, maybe substitute in rowing or something for the runs. Good luck! Might try asking on CrossFit Brand X Forum| Powered By ExpressionEngine

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    The WOD Shop - Online CrossFit Workout Generator

    You can generate bodyweight only workouts on this site.
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