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Thread: What did YOU learn this year?

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    I learned that I will never stop learning about health and what works for my body.

    I learned that getting rid of grains got rid of the bloat that I've had for over two years. That alone was worth it.

    I've learned not to fear fat... as long as it's healthy.

    I've learned that my walking, which everybody kept telling me wasn't really cardio... is the best workout I have.

    I learned that although it's been 15 years since I've taken a dance class-- and it kicks my ass still-- I will keep going and getting stronger and better.

    I've learned that there are a lot of people I can talk to about this kind of thing-- just none that I know in person.

    I can't wait for another year of learning... progressing... getting better.

    "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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    WOW what a year 2009 has been for me! I have learned so much about myself within the past 365 days but there is one thing that stands out the most. And that thing is this: In order to get what you want you have to get really selffish, dig down deep & gather every ounce of intestinal fortitude you have! This is what fuels the action & motivates you to keep going!

    Oh yeah I have also learned that Mark & MDA have the power to change lives! Thank you all so much!

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    1. That i can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

    2. That i love to exercise.

    3. That i am not indestructible and can get myself into trouble with #2.

    4. Real food tastes good. "Diet" foods are a waste of time.

    5. I am not my job.

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    I learned that my "self-diagnosed" low blood sugar was my body reacting to the insulin roller coaster I was riding.

    I learned the first 3 weeks of primal are hell, but once you get through them you realize how much better your body feels.

    I learned that it's pretty easy to mess up occasionally but I don't beat myself up over it!

    Happy New Year!

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