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Thread: A cry for HELP!

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    A cry for HELP!

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    So I have been trying to go Primal/Paleo for a few months now but my parents (i'm 15) completely believe in the food pyramid and eat grains every part of the day. A few weeks ago they noticed that I wasn't eating any grains, and proceeded to tell me that if i don't eat any grains they will assume that I am starving myself and will force feed me until i eat.

    I know grains are bad for you but what do I do in this situation? I've only been eating grains that are gluten free and no beans or legumes. When I wasn't eating grains I felt great, my headaches were gone and i felt full all the time.

    So I turn to you and ask for help. What should I do?

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    Perhaps its worth sitting them down and trying to discuss your choice to not eat grains? Make it clear that you will not be damaging your health and are instead choosing to get your main source of fuel from fat. If you have to make a slideshow or something - there's plenty of info on this site and others to help back you up.

    I understand it can be hard to get parents on board with PB, or at least understanding the choice.

    Hope you can manage to get Primal with the support of the 'rents.

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    oh that is unfortunate. have you told them that when you have eaten grains in the past, you get headaches and when you eliminated the grains, your headaches were gone and you felt full? how did they respond?

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    My mom used to be a regestured nurse so she does not believe that grains can be bad. My dad just nods and agrees with my mom. My 'rents do not believe that grains can be anything but good.

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    Are they seeing you eat your meat and vegetables? Can you ask your mom if it's ok to substitute a potato, sweet potato or cup of white rice for your grain foods?
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    I'm slowly convincing my parents, I still live with them but they've been very supportive. Well I've only told my Mom so far that is. I'm 21 though and getting ready to move out so they don't have any right to exercise authority over me. I've been trying to convince her slowly, making small comments here and there. One thing that my mom found hard to believe was the glycemic index, grains spike insulin even more than sugar (I was even shocked at the "super healthy" rice cakes). You could watch "Sugar: the bitter sweet truth" on youtube and explain a little about high fructose corn syrup and show them that it is in just about all processed foods. It also makes sense how babies are becoming obese, formula is almost as bad as coca cola, it's loaded with HFCS! I also tried having her make comparisons from when she was a child, before people cut out fat and she agreed that most people who became an adult lived to an old age and that it wasn't eating habits that changed life expectancy. The problem is you are a minor and don't have complete control over your life, just take it slow and try to explain this stuff to them.

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    That's a tough one. Since your mom was a nurse, she's going to assume what she learned is right and you're just following some fad diet. Your dad is going to go with whatever she says because he considers her an expert.

    Is there a way she would be willing to read Primal Blueprint or Paleo Solution (maybe borrowed from the library)? They are both packed with a ton of scientific studies and evidence that might just get her thinking. I have a feeling you only really have to convince your mom and your dad will follow.

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    Show your mom the 'before and after' thread. Nobody there eats grains.

    Show your mom these pictures. He does not eat grains.
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    Your parents have been BRAINWASHED by decades of propaganda by the FDA to promote Food, Inc.

    Please do show your parents my links below from Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis.

    Dr Davis recommends the Paleo diet (The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolff) be strictly followed to prevent heart disease, mental disorders, cancers and many more heath problems caused by grains. His articles, are short, clear, easy to understand and get to the point. Your parents won't believe you or me, but they might listen to Dr. Davis.


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    First thing I would do is show them this thread. Hopefully they'll see that this is an important issue as not only is (your old diet) affecting your health (and you cutting out grains is making you feel better) but that their reaction is causing you distress too. Hopefully they'll take a look around and see other people with similar symptoms and that you are not alone. People react to food differently - they may be lucky in being able to digest grains more easily - you may not, and I hope they get to see that and support you instead of be an obstacle. As your parents they're bound to love you very much - once they see how important this is to you they will almost certainly come around.

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