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Thread: headache???? and Dizziness???

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    So i have lowered my carbs and now i feel like i have been fasting. Usually when i fast, i get light headed when i get up quickly and get a minor headache during the first 3-4 days..

    I have never really had this while eating. What could be causing this?

    Am I cleansing, going into ketosis, too much fat?

    Also usually i am always cold, but in the last two days i have been getting warm really quickly almost with a little bit of a sweat. The weird part is I'm not a big sweater at all. Even if i do sprints or an hour workout, i barely sweat...what could be causing this?

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    Feeling a little weird at first is common when you lower your carb intake and your body begins adjusting. There are several threads on this subject. While on the forum, search for "carb flu" and you'll see that you're not alone, feeling strange at the beginning. Keep heart, you'll feel better soon. Here are a couple:

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    I'm no doctor, but you're probably experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Sugars are very addictive. May just have to work through it and let your body adjust. Others here may have other insights/recommendations.

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