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Thread: Summer Canoeing in the Ozarks?

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    Summer Canoeing in the Ozarks?

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    So my summer classes just finished and I'm looking to get in a fun overnight float before my fall classes start. Any Ozarkian Groks have good recommendations of where I can float, camp on the river, and see no one for a couple days int he middle of the week?

    I was leaning toward the Buffalo, but I usually only float that in winter and spring and stick with the upper. I know Joplin has been as dry as Apollo's Flaming Butthole lately (I think it's rained once since the tornado in May.) and figure upper Buffalo is out. But are there good floats on the middle? Of should I start looking at the Eleven Point or something?

    I know the Ozarks aren't exactly a mecca for Grokers but it's hard to have any interest int he outdoors in this region and not take advantage of the awesome rivers so I'm hoping someone will have some insight.

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    Unfortunately, I have no insight to give you on the issue of canoing...

    But, I am excited to see someone else in my general area!! I never come across any primal/paleo people in this area...

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    The Jack's Fork around Eminence is a good river although not overly long.

    We just canoed the middle section of the Buffalo a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't too low. Only had to get out once over 10 miles.

    Other good ones are the North Fork of the White and the Eleven Point as you mentioned.


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    I hope you got a gun....*thinks about deliverance*...

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    My husband just floated one last week. Either jacks fork or eleven point. It was mid week, so I'll ask how the traffic was. I know he did mention talking with folks here and there. He's already asleep, so I'll ask him his opinion tomorrow. It might be out of your way, but you can get dropped off further up the Courtois and won't see many people. Most people only float the last 6 or 12 before it hits the huzzah. If you have your own canoe, I know a place that will ride with you to the put in and drive your car back to their place at the take out for an insanely cheap amount.

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    I floated the Illinois River yesterday near Tahlequah, OK. The water level wasn't too bad. You might try the Kings River.
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    i loved doing that as a teen. I can't remember for the life of me where we floated and camped, b ut I *loved* it.

    one of my best friends (a guy) and I would go out frequently. He would also take me hunting with him (though I had no skills, it was a nice time together). He always wanted more from the relationship than I could, and now he's found a woman who suits him (and good thing), but I do get nostalgic for our time in the woods together. his wife gets jealous if we talk about it -- even though nothing happened, ever.

    i think of him like my brother. though now he's technically not allowed to talk to me. Eh! Women!

    anyway, it's a great activity and a beautiful place, so where ever you go, do enjoy it!

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    the rivers closest to me are the mulberry and the buffalo. This time of year you will have a hard time finding a place to float where you can go a couple days with out seeing people.
    We shoudl try to make the ozarks a mecca for grokers

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