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Thread: Thiamin?

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    After inputting all of my food into FitDay yesterday I was pleased to see that I exceeded daily recommendations for almost all vitamins and minerals (without supplements!) but then I noticed that I was deficient in thiamin. I am below RDA for both fiber and carbs (to be expected on PB) which doesn't concern me, but I am hovering around ~50% RDA for thiamin.

    Thiamin deficiency has some pretty negative consequences, so should I be concerned?

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    Thiamin functions as coenzyme in metabolism of carbohydrates and branched chaim amino acids. If you eat less carbs your requirement for thiamin should be less? Alcoholics end up deficient in thiamin, presumably because its used in the metabolism of all the sugar?

    You can get thiamin from pork, brazil nuts, pecans, spinach. Consider anti-thiamin factors.

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