I was reading Martin Berkhan at Leangain's "The Truth about Alcohol Fat Loss and Muscle Growth" and I don't understand why he differentiates between carbs from veggies and carbs from other sources. I understand the distinction from a primal perspective but what I don't understand is the difference from a physiological perspective. In the summary he says to get carbs from only 2 sources, veggies and the tag-along carbs from certain protein sources (I'm assuming e.g. milk) but he doesn't say why. Staying under the 1.5g/kg carbs is no problem but I wanted to have some sushi as I greatly prefer it to sashimi which means consuming rice.

I just can't see a reason for differentiating between veggie carbs and tag-along carbs on the one hand and say rice on the other. Maybe it has something to do with ethanol metabolization? Hoping someone has the answer.

P.S. In case you're wondering, the answer is 'yes', yes I am planning to tie on a few tonight.