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    What is it about Eggs?!

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    Maybe it's just me, but since I've gone Primal, I crave eggs all the time! I want them morning, noon and night.

    I never even liked them that much when I was younger--I would only eat them boiled. Now, I like them every which way, and I go on egg kicks. The latest is scrambled in butter, with a topping of fresh chopped tomato, olive oil, capers (lots--little packages of salty olivey goodness that just burst in your mouth) and garlic. Every moring I wake up looking forward to this breakfast.

    Is this physiological? Anyone else experiencing this? Maybe it's because I've discovered cage free organic ones that I like them so much?

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    Maybe cause they taste good?
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    I'll probably never be an egg lover in the sense of looking forward to the taste. But for me, they seem to be a fantastic way to start the day. If I have my eggs, I have more energy and less hunger all day. I suspect in many people, these kinds of benefits lead to a greater appreciation of the flavor.

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    I go through egg phases. I always 'like' eggs, but there are times I do the eggs for multiple meals in a day. Sometimes I hit a good egg recipe and I start craving it like crazy.

    Although, as a side note, I do find sometimes I am craving an ingredient I am putting in my eggs rather then the eggs say a really good cheese.

    Hrmm, might have to try the capers one day.

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    You are just crazy don't look to deep

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    There is a reason your body craves them. They are one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat and fairly easy to digest.
    "One can only be a perfect physician for oneself alone. " ~ Luigi Cornaro

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    Right now, my go to meal is a bunch of butter sauteed veggies (onions, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, etc) with eggs and a meat all scrambled together, with a side of avocado and green salsa. I eat this maybe three times a week. Quick, easy, and satisfying. I crave it if I go a few days without, like I used to crave sweets. Although I've never had a problem with eggs (and have always loved them) I try to refrain from eating them every day because I'm afraid of developing an intolerance. I don't know if that's a realistic fear or not (dang message boards!), but I'd sure hate to do without my eggs because of it.

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    I wonder if egg allergies pop up from excess consumption. Eggs, while nutrient dense are naturally only seasonal? It's always been a very limited food - 'til we started farmin' chickens.

    *I love eggs!
    I eat them 5 at a time, if scrambled; less if eaten other ways - but I only want them 2-3 times a week at maximum.
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    I often wonder with regards to food intolerances (usually due to long term over exposure to a certain food) if you could become intolerant to eggs if you eat them every day for a long period of time? Any ideas on this?

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    the white has the best source of protein. the yolk has nutrients, fat, and cholosterol. there's nothing wrong with eating a yolk a day. there's been lots of studies showing that dietary cholesterol doesn't impact your body's levels as much as we used to think. so keeping eating eggs . and stay healthy .

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