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Thread: Primal Journal/Bel

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    Primal Journal/Bel

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    When i woke up this morning i watered the grass! good job on the moving slowly for the day for about 30 min

    B Bowl of strawberries with sliced apples with coconut milk super delish

    S half an apple

    L I had leftover stuffed bell pepper from last night dinner... wow it tasted even better than last night! and a spinach salad with tomato left over ground beef and bacon with a tiny bit of bacon fat drizzle

    S larabar

    S apple and some almonds

    D Baby back ribs and jalapeno sausage and Chile stew

    WOD 5rds 10SDHP and 10 burpees in 11:26 and I practiced handstands and handstand pushups
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