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Thread: New for coconut cream and some questions!

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    New for coconut cream and some questions!

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    I just bought my first package of Cononut cream (Biona), and my questions are:

    1- Is coconut cream same as coconut butter?
    2- What about carbs content? I red sugar and carbs in the ingredient list, does it means it's a bad option and I should not eat a lot of it (other that because it has tons of fat)?
    3- Why I didn't knew such a heavenly thing existed in the world until now? XD it tastes like heaven!!!

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    Is that the stuff that's like a bar of soap? Melts in your mouth or in your hand? I got some of it when I was in Florida at a Latino store. Held it for a few weeks before I tasted it--yes, heaven, indeed!

    Not so much sugar in it. Lots of saturated fat! Haven't found any since, though I've been looking. Good things are hard to find!
    Beware of fake meat.

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    By the way it became hard as a stone when I put in the fridge!!!
    It's like a bar of soea, yeah, and melts in my mouth. It had an white-transparent phase in the upper part when I open the bag, I tried to mix it all together but hmm... is it coconutl oil?

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