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Thread: Beef heart jerky... for those without a dehydrator.

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    Beef heart jerky... for those without a dehydrator.

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    I wanted to share how I made my last batch of beef heart jerky, using a modification of Alton Brown’s method of making it without a dehydrator. ‪Good Eats - S09E03P01 - Urban Preservation II - The Jerky‬‏ - YouTube
    ‪Good Eats S09E03P02 - Urban Preservation II - The Jerky‬‏ - YouTube
    I too like multitasking, so I tried it with usually available items (and avoiding the oven). Also useful if you want to make a larger batch, and for those of us who don’t like semi-cooked jerky or for making pemmican (which is supposed to be made with RAW meat to avoid spoilage)

    First I bought a whole beef heart and clean it like this: ‪Cleaning a beef heart‬‏ - YouTube

    Photos 0 and 1 (Of course photo 1 is the unused part of heart)

    Then I disinfected the meat (prevent E. coli) with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar like this: Science News Online - Food for Thought - 9/28/96

    If you cleaned the heart correctly you are supposed to have only muscle now, so you proceed to cut it in strips not thicker than .250 in.

    I then put everything in a ziplock bag and cover with lime or lemon juice and put in the fridge for .5 hour (acidity to prevent spoilage, again)

    Then I got it out, put a little salt, pepper and red chili flakes (that’s how I’m used to eating it, you can use whatever recipe you like).

    Photo 2

    I then put some newspaper to avoid making a mess on the floor and turn on the fan.

    Photos 3,4 and 5 (showing the setup; i.e., fan and portable clothes dryer-hanger) are around 17:00 hrs.

    Then around 19:30 hrs. Photo 6

    All done by next morning around 7:00 hrs. It took about 14 hours of drying.

    Photos 7 and 8

    Hope this may be helpful


    PS. Seems I having a little problem with attachments so maybe photos will be in disorder... It doesn't matter they are named correctly even if they appear in disorder.
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    The rest of the photos (I hope)

    Thank you
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