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Thread: Robb Wolf Guest Post on MDA page

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    Robb Wolf Guest Post on MDA

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    Robb Wolf (Robb Wolf | The Paleo Solution book and podcast | Paleo diet, Paleolithic nutrition, intermittent fasting, and fitness) is going to be writing a guest post for MDA. I thought I'd come to you to see what you'd like to see Robb cover in his article. Especially from those that are familiar with Robb and know his expertise, what questions would you like answered and which topics explored from Mr. Paleo Solution? Thanks, everyone!

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    I'd like to hear his take on why he doesn't allow dairy. He elaborated on why grains are bad in his book (not that we didn't already know that) but not on why he doesn't allow dairy, which is one of the big differences, obviously, between paleo and primal.

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    I'd like to hear more about dairy, too. On an older podcast, he said that if you have any sort of metabolic derangement or autoimmune disease, you have got to stay away from dairy. Please expand/riff/ramble on this.
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    His opinion on the cleanest refeed food regarding autoimmune, digestion, and allergies

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    I'd like to hear his thoughts on candida - how much it affects cravings, weight gain and so on, and is it possible to starve it and get rid of it with the right diet or not. I've listened to a lot of his podcasts but don't remember hearing a lot about it.

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    I'm a huge fan of Robb's and would also like to hear what he has to say about dairy.

    Also his thoughts for those of us without gallbladders, particularly when experiencing zero ill effects. Should we still be looking at some kind of supplement or diet tweaks just because.

    And I want to know if Keystone is 100% Paleo or if he sometimes sneaks some cream.

    Looking forward to this one!

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    What is his stance on how much fat should be our diets? I would also be curious on his opinions on leptin resistance and the Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet which incorporates higher levels of carbohydrates including rice.

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    It's hard to find a subject he hasn't covered in his podcasts.

    I started influencing people around me a lot, and I'll soon be a physed teacher as well. I'd like a post on ways to spread the good info around (paleo networking) or on ways to use paleo to teach physed and to bring kids and teenagers in the right way. Nutrition or physical activity, since he seems well-versed in both. A post from you Mark would be really interesting too.

    I know Robb is currently aiming for the western medecine crowd, I'd love to see something similar with physical education teachers some day (hey, a guy can dream!)

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    Robb's such a great source of knowledge...thanks for getting him to do a guest post! With all the nutritional knowledge that he has, my question is kinda silly. I would like to know more about his partnership with Erwan at MovNat and where he sees that going.

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    He always talks about how gluten wrecks him. I'd like to understand more about his symptoms. And dairy also.

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