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Thread: Warrior Diet and Art of New Evolution

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    Warrior Diet and Art of New Evolution

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    Both are on highly discounted (under $4) as Amazon eBooks right now.
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    I bought it today. I'm happy with Primal, but curious about it.

    $3.99 on Amazon. Kindle version.

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    Doesn't Warrior Diet specify you eat in the evening before bed?

    This seems backwards. Others say eat less in the evening and nothing a few hours before bed, for hormone reasons.

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    Warrior diet (as far and I understand it) is eat some but not much during the day and load up at your evening meal. I am tempted to buy it because it is pretty much the way I naturally eat. This eat a big breakfast thing is not necessarily for everyone, imo

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    I assume that you're talking about DeVany's latest offering. It's not worth $4, IMO. Fortunately, I got it at the library.


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    Yup.....Warriors diet is kinda a mix of daily Intermittant Fasting with Primal.Its got some debatable claims(like most diets) but essentially you eat little during the day but then feast in the evening. I have kinda switched my meal frequency along similar lines of the Warriors diet but with a Leangains influence. Leangains is a daily fasting regimen(16hours) followed by a 8 hours eating window. That window is flexible based on your lifestyle/work schedule.

    So essentially I do a leangains daily fast with a Warriors Diet eating window in the evening. During my fast I drink water, tea and coffee(with a little heavy cream ). I also incorporate some fasted training into the mix.....great way to increase your metabolic flexibility and fat burning(adaptation).

    Once you kick the "carb" addiction throwing in a couple fast days is easy. You would be surprised how energized, focused and light you feel. In terms of ancestral nutrition it makes perfect sense....between successful hunts and forages I'm sure our paleo ancesters oftern went without food.

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    Warrior diet is a pretty crappy book. The author likely stumbled on something that worked (intermittent fasting) and tried to come up with some bullshit pseudo-science to back it up. He's also way too much into the ''greeks and romans were awesome and sparkled and were sooooo manly and OMG I want to be one of them please please please'' thing.

    Here's the summary of the book: eat less during the day and more at night. You can also read on intermittent fasting for free on the internet and save 4$.

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