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Thread: Eating raw sauerkraut or drinking the liquid?

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    Eating raw sauerkraut or drinking the liquid?

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    Wanted to know if one was more beneficial than the other? Would eating sauerkraut be more beneficial since it is fiber and has to travel through your bowels? Does the juice do the same?


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    I've also been wondering if the juice/brine from fermented veggies contains more of the beneficial bacteria, or if it's more in the veggies. Sorry I haven't answered your question, but at least it's getting a bump!

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    Well, if your question is directed at fiber, the liquid doesn't have any of that.

    Aside from the juice being tasty as hell, why wouldn't you use a little of it? Kimchi juice is good as is sauerkraut. There are bacteria, but if you view that as a benefit, remember that benefit goes away when you cook it.
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    Why "or"? Eat the fermented veges AND drink the juice. Get every last bit of goodness.
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