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Thread: How long do you spend in the kitchen? page

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    How long do you spend in the kitchen?

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    On average how long do you spend cooking, preparing and cleaning up a day?

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    Can I guess that you are asking because you are frustrated by the total amount of time for preparing even the bare minimum of meals for the day? ... For the record, hour and a half maybe, sometimes two hours.

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    I like to fiddle in the kitchen, I almost never make bulk meals and I don't have a dishwasher soo.. Maybe a bit over 2 hours. And then there is shopping for food and actually EATING haha

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    I would say it's less than 3 hrs per day.

    Breakfast -- 20 minutes prep, about 5-10 minutes clean up. Lunch -- it's reheating. Dinner -- 30-35 minutes prep and about 10 minutes clean up. WE usually have dinner left overs for lunch. I often don't reheat it even.

    And most of our snacks are raw. We have reverted to fruit/nut snacks, because they are easy for us to carry. And, no harm done for us. Three meals of normal primal stuff, then usually 1-2 snacks. DS has more snacks than DH and I do.

    Also, I clean my prep gear and pots/pans as I'm cooking and plating up, so that I don't have many dishes after a meal to do -- just the plates, silverware, glasses.

    So, easy.

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    Depends on the day, but I probably average about an hour, maybe a little more.
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    I'd say I average 2 or a little more hours. During the week, I spend very little time cooking, but on the weekends I might spend an entire afternoon (and evening) cooking up stuff for the coming week.

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    20 min cooking and cleaning up breakfast, 10m cooking and cleaning up lunch, 45-60m cooking and cleaning up dinner and 10m making another ferment or broth or some such ... definitely less than 2hrs/day, preparing every bite our 7 family members eat almost 100% from scratch each day.

    I used to spend a lot more when I was cooking lowfat, b/c it's so hard to make foods lowfat and taste good. I used recipes from Cooking Light, and the ingredients lists were miles long. Dinner always took at least an hour. Salting & peppering meat and throwing it on the grill/pan/oven is so much simpler and always tastes good.
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    generally under an hour prepping and cooking.

    ...what's cleaning?

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    All my time is spent on dinner. I skip breakfast and eat lunch at work. We usually spend a couple hours in the evening making dinner and eating. Sometimes we make a whole meal and then eat but other times we will just make food as we go and take a couple hours. I like to have a clean kitchen so I usually make sure everything is clean before doing anything else. I like to use the time to socialize with my wife and daughter without the TV interupting. I consider it a nice relaxing time.
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    I normally get home from work about the time the Mrs. is starting dinner so I jump in and help-- we chat about the day while we cook, the kids play quietly somewhere away from the kitchen, then we all sit down and enjoy our meal together. Time in the kitchen, for us, as a couple really helps keep everything chugging along nicely.

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