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Thread: Discussion: 4 Hour Body Book?

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    Discussion: 4 Hour Body Book?

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    Has anyone read or even heard of this book? 4 Hour body.
    Its basically no grains, no diary, nor fruit. However, you CAN eat legumes in this diet.
    I lost 20 pounds on this diet in one month.
    What do you guys think?
    He also believes that you shouldn't do Chronic Cardio nor workout a lot.
    You also get one day off your diet. You can "carb load" all day if you want. This is useful because

    Is this similar to primal blueprint? Can you do carb load on this diet?

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    I believe its been discussed, do a search. 20 pounds in one month is a lot!
    I've done the search for you:
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    The 4 Hour Body is what brought me to Why We Get Fat and that led me to Primal Blueprint. I found the cheat day was extremely difficult to recover from as I felt like crap and had diarrhea for 3 days after. The rest of the time, I still had digestive upset from the legumes.
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    The 4 Hour Body also brought me to Primal Blueprint.
    I had a hard time not eating any fruit during the summer, except on my cheat day.
    I tend to compulsively eat sweets and certain carbs once I start. The cheat day set me up for bingeing. It was difficult for me to rein it in.
    That being said my husband still follows the 4 Hour Body WOE and has lost about 12 lbs. in 2 months. His inflammation is way down (no stomach bloat), arthritis in his fingers has gotten much better.
    It wasn't the right program for me and started me on a search for a better WOL, and here I am.

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    I find the Four Hour Body to be a very interesting read. I like his self-experimentation techniques and the concepts of "hacking" - finding the shortest path to what you want. Maybe some of the things will work for some people. Maybe he is full of crap. Who knows? But, I certainly found it entertaining to read and it's given me some ideas to try in the future.

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    4 hour body was what ended up bringing me to primal as well. 4 hour body's slow carb diet is a fantastic diet... not a particularly great lifestyle. Primal Blueprint is a fantastic lifestyle but maybe a much slower diet. If it works for you and you find it sustainable go for it. While I may be doing primal blueprint I'm still doing a cheat day once a week though it's really turned into more of a cheat meal. The best advice I found that I still try and keep with from the Slow carb is the 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking.

    I lost almost 30lbs in my first month on slow carb, but i've felt much better since going primal. I'm sure I'll continue to shake it up and have some months of pure paleo where I ditch cheese and cheat days, but for now I'm feeling amazing.

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