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Thread: Hello from California:) A question about Nuts.

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    Hello from California:) A question about Nuts.

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    Started last week. I work in a paced...snacking on almonds or walnuts seems to get me through..but, ive seen some posts about limiting nut intake for weight loss and that is partly why i've started this (although I am more and more enthused about the lifestyle choice in general!)...

    thoughts on limiting nut intake?

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    Nuts are calorie dense. If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight.

    My general strategy is to eat a big, primal lunch and avoid snacking altogether. Alternatively, maybe try taking some veggies or pieces of fruit with you to work?

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    Welcome to another person from the land of nuts.
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    Nuts are great for an occasional snack, but ideally you don't want to be snacking.

    However, everyone is different, and only you will be able to tell if nuts are hindering you or not. If they aren't, then it doesn't matter.

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    If you're eating enough protein and fat during your meals, you won't want to snack. Watch out for those nuts-- they add up QUICK. Every time my fat loss stalls a bit I reevaluate my diet and it turns out I'm eating way too many nuts.

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