I guess to give everyone a background, a few years ago I took accutane and woke up with severe stomach problems. Everything kind of went downhill from there, from thyroid, to losing my period, to having severe food allergies (leaky gut basically- but was allergic to every single food on the test), and severe anemia. I was in a bad bad state. Yet, I was able to push myself through it all and still managed to run about 5 miles a day. Probably did not help my condition in any way but I thought it would help my stomach with its inflammation and constant irritation.

Anyways, I found a wonderful doctor who has helped me through nutrition and supplements, and now I am in the final stages of healing. He has consistently told me, as well as my my nutritionist, that protein protein protein is KEY to healing gut disorders, thyroid, repairing reproductive organs etc. However, throughout the last 5 months I thought that adopting a vegan diet was my answer. I felt better, but kind of felt stalled as of recently. I can't tolerate tofu or beans, which made me come back to Primal Blue Print (which is one of the first health books I read when I was dealing with these initial problems). I feel best on protein, and higher fat diets and ZERO grains/ starches. However, since adopting a higher protein diet, I get REALLY tired when I have it at lunch. I just started this a few days ago, take digestive enzymes, yet after lunch I immediately have to take a nap.

Has anyone experienced this shift? Is this temporary? I hope my body adjusts! Thanks to anyone who reads my long post!