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Thread: Beer. I know the answer to this question but a guy can dream.

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    Beer. I know the answer to this question but a guy can dream.

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    Before you read know that I know that alcohol (especially beer) is not primal. I am just curious to see peoples responses.

    After a tough workout does anyone ever just have a few beers with some food? I know some people like to eat carbs right after a workout.

    Some days I do a 40-45 minute vigorous session of HIIT. I was wondering if a couple delicious dark beers afterward would be that bad. I realize there are better carbs to consume but beer to me is delicious.

    I do not do this since I started PB. Before I used to run 6 miles, then sometimes have a couple beers right after and remember it was amazing.

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    Beer, for me, is a special occasion only thing and you'd better believe that if I'm going to indulge like that it's going to be a pretty special beer. (Not some 64 calorie devoid of all flavor bottle of piss water)

    If the yardstick you use to measure your beer frequency is 'weekly' or less, your probably drinking too much to be considered primal, IMHO.

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger would drink a pitcher of beer (not sure what kind) and eat a whole chicken after working out.
    If you have your way of eating dialed in and are consuming practically zero off limit things, then I don't think a beer or two is out of the question. Maybe do it once a month after a hard training session as a treat.
    People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.

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    I LOVE me some dark, chewy beer, but they bloat me up like nobody's business. Unfortunately, I can consume a "regular" or a "light" beer and not have a problem. *sigh* I do not even really enjoy lighter beer, but hey, in the summer when you are sweating buckets, a cold beer is more refreshing than, say, a I usually stick with wine....I found that "vinho verde" a slightly sparkling white wine from Portugal is more refreshing...and red wine with dinner hits the spot. Yum.

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    Since going primal I have found beer really gives me gurgles. Like it passes straight to my intestines and I can hear/feel it moving. Not exactly pleasant.

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    Rum is the best answer.

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    I would try just one beer and see what happens. The problem with "a couple of beers" is that it can make "just a couple more" seem like a really good idea...

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    i LUV beer. Enjoying a Lone Star (or 2 or 3) right now. It's def a reward for a workout. It tastes delicious, it makes me happy, and I really can't see giving it up. It's way too damn hot to drink wine. If i were trying to lose weight, i'd probably reduce the amount of beer i drink, but i'm in maintenance, not loss, stage.

    disclaimer - i am not "paleo" or "primal", i only gave up non fermented grains and ended up here looking for recipes.

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    Felt awful after drinking 4 beers after being primal for 4 months...won't be doing it again.

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    They don't call it a beer belly for nothing........................

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