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    ♥ MisguidedGhost ♥ Primal Journal ♥

    Hello! I hope I'm doing this the correct way... new to the forums and all. o.o Anyhow... so... this is my journal! Yay!

    Not quite sure what to say here. Introduce myself? As if anyone aside from me will be reading this. >_>

    Well, my name is Meg, I'm 26 years old and currently live in Tucson, AZ soon to be moving back to Los Angeles. Umm, well let's see... I'm 5'10" and about 146 pounds. Not quite sure on the BF %, but I'd like to get that measured ASAP so I can track progress.

    My boyfriend told me about PB, that he has been doing it for a few weeks with great results, and suggested I read the book and check out So! The other day on a break from work I headed in to B&N, looked at the book, skimmed it a bit, then bought and downloaded it for my nook. (yay for ebooks!) I haven't finished it quite yet (it's only been 2 days!) but I can already tell that this is a lifestyle I want to commit myself to. I am super excited!

    So today marks DAY 1--what better day to start my journal? One of my weaknesses is diet soda, so... I'm going to try to cut that out cold turkey, but I'll still be drinking a little coffee and tea. As for other goals, I'm not super concerned about weight, although I would like to drop maybe 5-8 pounds and just tone up overall. I know I'm not overweight, but I might fall in to the 'skinny fat' category. =/

    Anyhow, well that's about it for now... I wanted to attach a picture or 2, just so there's a face to the name (aside from my tiny avatar!) The only full body picture I have is when I was in costume at a nerd convention, so... I'll post that, but no making fun of my costume!

    Thanks for reading (if anyone did!) and talk to you later. <3
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