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Thread: Arms and shoulders page

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    Arms and shoulders

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    I way 150-155 pounds usually. If I focus for about 5 days I can make my core look good but I still look scrawny due to my shoulders and arms. I am thinking about trying to put on 10 or 15 pounds of muscle but mainly want to look more muscular in my arms and shoulders. Does anyone have any tips on what my routine should be. I plan on upping carbs a little bit with potatoes and maybe some white rice (after I research it more) but was unsure if I should change my workout routine.

    BTW, I mainly do interval drills once or twice a day that consist of pushups, chair dips, body weight squats, oblique twists and random work outs with 20 pound dumbells.

    What I'm asking basically is what I would need to do to look better in a wife-beater (although I don't wear them).

    Thank you everyone in advance and if you need me to clarify this post let me know.

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    handstand pushups

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    For starters: lift heavier weight

    Your routine should include pull ups at the very least. Also, you might want to look into straight-arm work, google "all muscle, no iron" an article written by Coach Sommer (coaches US gymnasts) and he talks about how gymnasts typically have nice biceps and how it's due to all the straight-arm work they do. Movements such as the planche, iron cross, etc and the training it takes to achieve those (which are ridiculously hard, by the way) should theoretically give you nice biceps, besides making you incredibly strong.

    Personally, I'm far from either a planche or an iron cross, but I do train to get there eventually and do notice a difference in my biceps, they "start" closer to the elbow joint if that makes sense.

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    The fastest way to grow is to shock your whole body, not do isolation exercises hoping that they will somehow make your arms bigger.
    Can you get better arms/shoulders with isolation exercises? Probably, but doing squats, deadlifts and benchpress with heavy weight will make your entire body grow. If you just work your arms, you will get what we call "frat boy arms" and you will look dumb because neither your back nor you chest have caught up.
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    If the only thing you're after is looks then isolation exercises are what you want. Bicep curls and tricep extensions.
    I have a theory that people with German blood get beach muscles with compound movements though, so if you're of the red faced, sausage eating population (I am so I can say that) then you might just see where you can get with bench pressing and chin ups.
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    people's responses so far seem to have been to one extreme or the other - i think for you (it works for me too) somewhere in the middle would work well.

    by this i mean, keep the compound exercises as the core of your workout and really improve on your technique form and ultimately the weights you are lifting. this undoubtedly has a great effect on the whole body including the arms and shoulders. but then on top of that, i systematically add a few isolation exercises in there to try and boost things along a bit. one day target the shoulders with some front/lateral raises, on the second day hit triceps with some extensions or cable work, on the thrid day go bicep curls etc. i too am a naturally skinny guy and my goal was to build muscle. i have done this through doing what i said above and also eating enough food.

    nutrition wise, you mention you have looked into adding a few more carbs to help the msucle building process. for me this really helped. prior to eating any carbs i was able to build 1kg of lean muscle every two months. i now eat some potato/rice and a banana after my workout and that change alone has increased my growth to 1 kg per 1 month.

    im not saying my way is the perfect way to go, and people may pick at various points i make, but it works for me and it sounds like you are in a similar position to what i used to be. as long as you keep your form and technique correct, and do a mixture of both push and pull exercises then you should be able to build muscle without the risk of injury.

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    Compound movements. (Your quads are your biggest muscle, so when you work those you get more testosterone in your system, which helps build other muscles.)

    Heavy weights. (Bodyweight can be fine, but you need to keep increasing the level of difficulty. See Convict Conditioning or Building the Gymnastic Body for good ideas.)

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    You are fooling yourself if you think your body is making visible muscular adaptations in 5 days.

    Do heavy compound moves to failure(only one set needed) and get the needed rest to recover. Rest will be in days, often a week, sometimes more. You really only need 1 push movement, 1 pull movement, and squats or leg press. Play the rest of the time. What you are doing now is basically "playing" but do less of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerpsPwn_387 View Post
    BTW, I mainly do interval drills once or twice a day that consist of pushups, chair dips, body weight squats, oblique twists and random work outs with 20 pound dumbells.
    Pullups... add them to your routine, do lots of them.
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