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Thread: Falling off the wagon.

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    Falling off the wagon.

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    (Disclaimer: there's no real question here. I just need to get this out there.)

    So, my Dad passed away suddenly this week. As you can imagine, the incredible influx of stress meant that sticking to PB was HARD, and I fell off the wagon BIG TIME.

    This much is clear: this stuff works. I felt like ASS eating gluten and sugar all week.

    I also gained an ass-ton of weight, and feel bloated as can be.

    I'm not a fan of that happening again, but MAN, it's time to get after it hard and do no grains, legumes, sugar, or dairy for a while to get my act back together.

    Carry on.

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    Sorry for you loss.

    Get back at it ASAP.

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    First off, so sorry to hear about your dad. Also... falling off the wagon happens to the best of us! I'm a PB noob, so I'm definitely scared this will happen to me... it's aaaallll about willpower.

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    Dear Bobbitt81,

    Please accept my sincere condolences. There is a reason they call it "comfort food", plus the last thing you need at this time would be having to defend you WOE. Please don't beat yourself up.


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    So sorry for your loss, Do what you need to with your family and grieve all you need. Then hop back on as best you can! And yes, you can do both! But aim for 100% for a bit to get you reset again! ((hugs))

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    I'm sorry for your loss.
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    "We have all the food groups- meat and chocolate".

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    My condolences on your loss.
    Perfection in eating is not really relevant at a time like this so don't beat yourself up.
    Part of the emotional healing process may begin with the physical healing process of getting yourself back on track in re diet.

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    Oh man, I am so sorry about your dad, that's really hard. Seems to me the last thing you need to be stressing about now is falling off the wagon. You know PB works and that your body will feel better when you get back on, so you know you will get back on. Don't worry about it in the meantime, you've got a lot on your (figurative) plate!

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    *Hugs* to you. That really sucks.

    Good luck getting back on the wagon when you are ready. We will be here for you. <3

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    What makes this especially hard is how he died: he had a massive heart attack at 58.

    I'll be honest. That's freaking me out. I'm eating some steak right now that I cooked in coconut oil, and I've got CW running through my head, and I'm a little freaked out by eating the red meat and fat.

    I don't like that.

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