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Thread: How to store homemade Jerky?

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    I usually store it in a paper bag in a cool dry place. It lasts about 2 weeks, no mold. I don't know if it may last longer... It never lasts more than 2 weeks usually just one week

    I'm posting my way of making beef heart jerky in a new post. Specially for those without a dehydrator.

    Hope it helps


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    Preparing Beef Jerky At Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhatAboutJason View Post
    A while back i bought a meat dehydrator from Amazon.
    I wrote a post about it here: Meat Gun Slinger
    Although the consistency of the jerky turned out well, i wasn't to hot on the flavor. But luckily that is an easy fix.
    My problem was, i stored the jerky in some Tupperware in my pantry and in about 3 days i noticed some mold.....ICK
    Jerky happens to be one of my favorite Paleo snacks and I dont want to keep buying Jack Links since it's full of garbage.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prepare and store homemade jerky?
    I had liked jerky from years as my snack. It is considered one of the best healthy food. I would love to get new recipes and way to store it

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