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    How about a post about getting rid of stubborn fat. The word around the forum is that the "stubborn" tissue is different that the regular tissue so it seems to resist many of the traditional methods of losing fat discussed in the blog and forum.
    Here it is, your moment of zen.

    It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum

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    Making it more family friendly!

    I apologize ahead if this has been covered already.....I am a busy mom to 4 kids age 9 and under. I struggle with how much time I need to be standing in the kitchen feeding my family. I reluctantly admit that convenience foods do hit our table at least once a week, and while I cringe as we chow down, it reduces my stress from 2 hours of work in the kitchen. Have there been articles addressing the transition for full families? I would love to read something on preparing foods in bulk (usually recipes are for 4, which really feeds 2 - I guess we are big eaters) and other tips for families. Thanks!
    ideas: convenience Primal foods (quick freezer treats), super fast meals, a how-to on stocking and storing Primal foods etc. Maybe Mark's next book can be a family cheat sheet or a total kitchen guide for families..? After all, families only eat well if the Mom is not stressed out!

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    Given all your current posts are about primal fitness and workouts, how about one for people with injuries. eg, I've got a frozen shoulder at the moment so for the time being upper body weight stuff just seems out of bounds - or is it. Some people have knee injuries, so I'm guessing squatting and lunging are out. I guess everyone will have some sort of practitioner working on their ailments who will tell them what to do, but then not everyone can afford multiple bouts of physiotherapy or whatever so perhaps some suggestions could be in order. Maybe it is a primal stretching routine we need? just some ideas!

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    I'm wondering about Primal bodyweight exercises with age-related (your age) deficencies, such as weakened osteo-arthritic knees and tendonitis in both arms. These afflictions make daily movements difficult and seem to preclude your suggested exercises such as squatting, running, pull-ups, push-ups and so on. These are really hard for me to perform at the most beginner's level.

    But I dearly would love to be able to do them, to "save my own life" if nothing else. Should I push through them? You said somewhere squats were NOT hard on the knees. I don't really experience pain when trying to do them, but my arms and knees are just too weak. In the past, when trying to do them, I did not see any improvement with continued attempts. Obviously, I don't want to make anything worse.


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    When is the best time to consume the majority of calories?

    People say breakfast should be biggest and dinner smallest because your metabolism is higher ni the morning.

    Grok couldn't control this as he had no abundance of food, but should we given the choice? is there a better choice to make for energy levels?

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    What's the deal with Beta Alanine? I'm not sure if he leaked information about Progenex's whey hydrolysate that he didn't intend to, but Scott Connelly mentioned in a video on the CrossFit journal that recovery time is substantially reduced by taking Beta Alanine. I know you've already covered protein powders a bunch, but is the reason that hydrolysate is considered to be better by some that that there's more BA, or is that just BS?

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    I have found quite a cool wee article of the benefits of yawning i wonder if this has been covered before or if anyone would be interested in this

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    Quote Originally Posted by annie View Post
    I honestly haven't read all 7 pages of ideas. I did, however, just go through the blog's "Raising Seedlings" archive. I'm a homeschooling mom to three kids, 7, 5, and 2 1/2. I'd like to do a nutrition unit with them. I have the primal food pyramid ready to go along with the PB and the PB Cookbook. I'm looking for other reading recommendations.

    One I've gotten from the forum is "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Apparently there's a juvenile version. I'm wondering if there are other books geared toward kids or that I can adapt or highlight sections of for the kids. Thanks!
    hi, fellow homeschooler here

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowbison View Post
    It would be nice to see something about the potential toxicity, allergy, etc. effects of supplements. And, in that same vein, something about the potential release of toxins and their effects once once goes PB diet (I have a rash I am pretty certain is related).
    I would love to see something about toxin release/yeast die off when going on the primal diet. What I have going on is beyond carb flu. Lots of people talk about how good they feel and how much energy they feel while I've been hit with almost every illness I've ever had in my life all at once.

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    Learn More (See and print pages 10-13)

    Check this out! Excellant grocery list it breaks it all down

    not so good fuel
    fuel substitutes
    primal shopping list
    Endurance athlete recovery fuel

    I take this every where I go !

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