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Thread: Suggest a Blog Post Topic

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    Hey Mark, I know you've done lots of posts about fruit, I have read them all several times. I also brought your book and read it in less than 24hours (twice).

    But, I still seem to be a little confused. As said above, anothe rpost about which fruits, how many and what time and what to eat with/not with would be gtreat!

    Also a networking capability sounds great! I'dlove to meet up with some primals near me!


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    in line with fruits...maybe a chart showing which ones are lower in fructose

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    Yes, a "definitive guide to fruits" would be terrific.

    Also, Mark, I would like to see a post especially for primal women; although the PB can work wonders for all of us, I suspect that in some areas, the PB is not one-size-fits-all for both men and women. I'd like to hear more on how women ought to best utilize it in order to maximize its benefits and meet our unique health needs..

    I would like to hear your take on how to use it to find the balance between too little body fat and too much for optimum fertility, bone and heart health, specifically.. in addition to your ideas on a host of other female-specific items.

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    Seems to be a little confusion (including myself) about a kind of transitional phase where increased fat intake may run *alongside* carb intake, and whether this is harmful, or slightly less bad (!) than carbs alone...?

    Would also be good to see some female-specific info on hormonal etc effects although I appreciate that "guinea pigs" may be few and far between at this stage!

    I also agree with SerialSinner above - I'm stubborn enough to "experiment" on myself, but most people I know would need a bit more coaxing to try out primal things. Eg I told a friend that the very basic idea was "eat like cavemen, because our bodies haven't caught up with farming (yet)" but she didn't quite get it as she was asking if coke was ok on the diet, and what could she eat at work instead of baked potato (the healthiest canteen option).

    So as much as I appreciate the researched articles and detailed info, maybe a couple of basic "What to substitute" posts would help someone who is teetering on the brink...?

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    I second hfox on the female primal information, that would be fantastic, also Diana on the beginner workouts and also graeme on whether the primal diet could fix thyroid problems.... I also suffer and take armour thyroid (pig thyroid extract) and would love to get off all meds.

    I hate taking medication and struggled with it for a while, I feel better with armour but would love to be without it.

    Thanks Mark

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    Great question Mark!

    One thing my brother asked is whether or not eating primal/paleo will have a significantly adverse affect when you DO give in to regular sugars, grains, cereals, etc.

    Meaning, does your body get so dependent on eating a certain way that when you do eat a slice of birthday cake you just balloon up? Or is it better to have a cheat day once a week to stabilize your body so that it isn't too affected down the road? This is pretty negative thinking in that it doesn't give the human's ability of will power much credibility, but... after the question was asked I did end up wondering the same thing!

    Menstrual cycles and contraceptives would be interesting to learn about as well. The female's hormonal roller coaster is a quite the mystery.

    THANKS and LOVE the blog

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    Hey, thanks for doing the restaurant one.

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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    My pleasure, FlyNavyWife. Thanks for the feedback and the idea.

    And thanks to everyone else here for their thoughts. I'll try to get to all of them sooner or later.

    Keep them coming!

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    How about a post on some of the best sources on the internet for the purchase of coconut oil, cacao, primal oils, primal dessert options, meats, pemmican, jerky, etc.

    I would like to make several online purchases of these type of items and if others have favorite and reputable sources it would save me time and concern.

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    have you ever posted about tomatoes and nightshades?

    How about root veggies?

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