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    Hi Mark--
    I'll chime in with the others who are asking for advice for women who have gone through menopause. The whole banana: how the hormone shift affects the primal nutrition curve, how it affects women's ability to build/maintain muscle, etc. I also have wondered about bf%--the word is that females need to be cautious about lowering bf% below about 17 or so, since such low body fat can affect fertility and disrupt menses. Ok, cool--so that's one way to find out if you are "too low." But what about after you no longer menstruate and are no longer considered fertile (good god, at my age, kids--yikes!!)? What other markers are there?
    You know--the rest of us in the population who are not young and building muscle at a remarkable rate who seem to dominate much of the "wisdom" on the forums...
    and yes, being an older (and wiser) female DOES make it different!

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    Dear Mark,

    I wondered if it would be possible for you to give advice on sun protection? I am British (dark blonde hair, fair skin and green eyes), but five years ago I moved to Australia with my family. At first, because I was worried about the effect of UV on my skin, I followed the 'Slip, slop, slap' advice which is recommended in Australia. However, after a period of ill health I was diagnosed as being deficient in Vitamin D, and my GP recommended that I only use sunscreen after I had spent approximately 20 minutes in the sunshine. So, I reduced my use of sunscreen as per her advice, and only used it if I was going to be out in the sunshine for more than 20 minutes or so.

    This morning I had to have a pre-cancerous lesion removed from the skin on my chest.

    I just wondered if it would be possible for you to give your opinion on sunscreen/cover up approach for different skin types/colourings, with reference to geographical location and balanced with recommendations for optimal vitamin D production. I would also appreciate your opinion on whether chemical or zinc based sunscreens are best, or whether it is better to cover up or stay indoors instead (not always a comfortable option in 38 degree C heat!). Would it be better for someone such as me (with very fair colouring but living in a harsh climate with a big ozone hole) to take supplements and keep out of the sun/cover up entirely and not depend on it for vitamin D?

    Many thanks.

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    I'd really like to see a post on the condition of Visual Snow, or on general vision improvement and health, if it can be made concurrently broad and precise enough to include Snow in it.

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    Subject: The Great British Wake Up?

    Last night saw the final of the Great British Bake Off, a very popular BBC television contest for amateur bakers; it's a gluten, lectin and sugar rich nightmare.

    This morning the author of the following British Medical Journal article Saturated fat is not the major issue | BMJ Dr Aseem Malhotra (Cardiologist) was interviewed on BBC Breakfast TV and gave an excellent pitch on how saturated fats can actually improve heart health. It's now all over the national press.

    As well as the irony of seeing these two pieces of television almost consecutively (with a sleep in between) I wondered whether this perhaps marked the beginning of an awakening in British dietary/medical thinking.

    Anyway, thought I'd share the article with you at least.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sisson View Post
    If you think you have a great topic for a blog post, are interested in doing a guest post for MDA, have a "Dear Mark" question or otherwise have a suggestion for me and the Worker Bees post it here. I'll check this forum periodically and try to address as many as possible.

    Hi Mark

    I would love to see a proper explanation of how leptin and insulin resistance are linked. I had both, but saw my leptin resistance disappear reacently (for the first time that I can ever remember, instead of being hungry after eating a full meal, I had to stop eating because I was too full and left food on my plate!). What I would really like to know is if this is a good sign for my insulin resistance. It took 6 months on very low carb to fix my leptin resistance, I was hoping that sticking to what I am doing might also see a reduction in my insulin resistance and with it my resistance to losing weight. I would appreciate your well-researched input, thanks!

    River Song

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    Krill Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sisson View Post
    If you think you have a great topic for a blog post, are interested in doing a guest post for MDA, have a "Dear Mark" question or otherwise have a suggestion for me and the Worker Bees post it here. I'll check this forum periodically and try to address as many as possible.

    Hey, Mark!

    I was wondering what you thought of Krill Oil. The one most available in pharmacies says you only need one, but the EPA/DHA seems low. If you are taking the little red gel caps, should you be taking more than one? Really like the small pills (vs. those horse-size pills fish oil come in) but wondering if the dosage is adequate. Is it possible I only need a one-Krill-pill dose.


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    I'm new here. I know this topic has been covered quite a bit, but I didn't find the specific answer I was looking for anywhere. Concerning ketosis, I saw a disturbing warning about it on a university hospital website. To be clear, I'm NOT confusing ketosis with ketoacidosis. This is quoted from the UNM School of Medicine's site concerning ketogenic diets:

    "The pancreas primary responsibility is to break down fat. In some people,
    the pancreas can not handle the increased fat of the ketogenic diet. In these instances,
    the pancreas becomes swollen or inflamed and the entire gastrointestinal (GI) system
    stops working. The patient experiences severe abdominal discomfort and the
    abdomen is very tender to touch. Vomiting is often associated. In this situation, the
    patient needs to been seen by medical personnel immediately for diagnosis and
    treatment. If a person develops pancreatitis on the ketogenic diet, the diet is stopped
    immediately, and is never attempted again. Pancreatitis can be fatal."

    I'm interested in keto-paleo because I have an autoimmune disease, but it's also a gastrointestinal condition (ulcerative colitis). The idea of a ketogenic diet shutting down my entire GI system is pretty scary. Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Hey Mark,

    You seem like a great role model and the primal philosophy seems to be grounded in some essential truths, but doesn't it just turn you off to relate to animals as "products?"

    Doesn't it seem apparent that our relationship to animals should go a little deeper than just their tastiness and health benefits?

    Since you are such a humanitarian, and I mean that (you're helping tons of people live more enjoyable, enriching lives), what do you think about animals being enslaved and actually tortured just for our apparent, short lived benefit?

    I hope this finds you well. Please do let me know if you ever come up with any answers to these questions.

    Thank you.

    Love ,

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    Don't support CAFO feed-lots or eat their toxic garbage meat. Buy local, hunt, eat wild, kill humanely.
    The remainder is an unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle
    At the expense of the American dream, American dream
    Of the American

    We don`t give a damn about your world
    With all your global profits
    And all your jeweled pearls
    We don`t give a damn about your world
    Right now, right now!

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    At this time of year when there is so much emphasis on family, I have been wondering...what does a Grok or Groka do when they just don't like their family? When family is kinda toxic? And basically, what if Grok just doesn't really like people? If he or she has tried the social activities and so forth but really is just happy being alone?
    My Primal Journal:

    "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold

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