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    With the soon to be released Herzog movie "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" and recent related article in The New Yorker Letter from Southern France: First Impressions : The New Yorker it might be time to visit (or revisit) the topic of "art and the caveman."

    "What emerged with that revelation was an image of Paleolithic artists transmitting their techniques from generation to generation for twenty-five millennia with almost no innovation or revolt. A profound conservatism in art, Curtis notes, is one of the hallmarks of a “classical civilization.” For the conventions of cave painting to have endured four times as long as recorded history, the culture it served, he concludes, must have been “deeply satisfying”—and stable to a degree it is hard for modern humans to imagine."

    The lack of a written record belies the sophistication of the peoples that lived in that time. This is one movie I'm looking forward to.
    Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.

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    Sugar cravings

    Hi Mark!
    I have a serious sugar addiction and I was wondering if you have any advice on how to quell my demon sugar urges. I love eating Primal but I start to twitch if I dont have sweets after each meal. Chocolate is my arch nemsis. This "need" for chocolate is ruining my best efforts at eating in a way that will prevent me from getting type 2 diabetes, prevelant on both sides of my family and losing the extra weight I have been carrying around for 15 years. Iv tried the no chocolate for a month challange, but when that month was over....look out! Im off the wagon and rolling.

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    Hi Mark,

    Liver part 2: raw liver pills and why they are so miraculous...

    After 15 or so years with chronic fatigue, tens of thousands in medical expenses I discovered raw liver pills. Primal eating got me feeling pretty good, but my energy was still very very low, exertion recovery was horrible. I finally got the courage to try the raw liver pills and within the same day I felt a huge improvement. Within the week I went from mostly sedentary and tired, to energetic and able to do 2 lifting days and 1 sprint day a week plus walking on "rest" days, ON TOP of feeling more capable of doing yard work and daily chores. It has been life altering. Others might benefit too

    I use grass-fed beef liver, freeze it for 2 weeks (to kill any parasites) and then chop it up into tiny pieces. I store it in the freezer and take about 2-4 grams a day on an empty stomach. Taking it with a warm tea really increases the comfort of swallowing the "pills".

    On a different note, another thing I thought other readers might find interesting is called Lunaception and Seed Cycling. It is a way of using light/darkness to control the menstral cycle, allowing it to become in sync with the moon which seems to help regulate hormones. Seed Cycling complements the light control and helps make it easier to get on cycle with the moon and stay there, also aiding in hormone regulation (and can be used even without following the moon cycle). It uses pumpkin seeds and cod liver oil from new moon to full moon and sesame/sunflower seeds and borage oil the other half. I have found this to be truly amazing and it has regulated my cycle from being totally unpredictable, heavy and long to perfectly scheduled, very very short and extremely light. If this is of interest I can add more info/details.

    Thanks for all you do!
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    Hi Mark,
    I just came across an article I think you and your readers may find interesting. It's in Scientific American and it's talks about how the artery clogging effects of a high carb diet even show up in an Egyptian mummy
    "Mummy Says John Horgan Is Wrong about Fat and Carbs in Food"
    By Karen Schrock
    here is the link Observations: Mummy Says John Horgan Is Wrong about Fat and Carbs in Food

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    I would love to read a comprehensive post comparing the various "flavors" of paleo-style eating, from the Perfect Health Diet to Primal Blueprint to whatever Cordain currently believes. The commonalities and points of disagreement and the various reasonings. I like your non-dogmatic, live and let live approach, and such a post would really highlight how different this community is from the hardcore vegan type of mentality. Looking forward to meeting you (or at least, hearing you) on Wednesday!
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    I was reading about Umami and thought it might make an interesting blog post or a Dear Mark question.... somewhere it said that umami is the flavor of free (i.e. bioavailable) amino acids (like glutamate). Is that true? If so, it has a lot of interesting evolutionary implications and paleo-eating relevance. Especially when you consider that vegetables, meat, and fermented foods are the highest in umami and grains are the lowest.

    Off to perfect Otter's Umami-Bomb Burgers!

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    Dear Mark,

    Ive read in various places that wheat and dairy have opiate peptides that bind to opiate receptors. Are wheat or dairy really addictive drugs with nasty withdrawal symptoms? Do soaking or fermenting of wheat deactivate these effects? Thanks!

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    I would love to do a guest post for you on the benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth. Basically, it is an all natural compound made from fossilized water plants (which is why it is often referred to as fossil shell flour) that has a wide range of benefits for health. It can help assist your body in expelling toxins (this I know from personal experience!) as well as help to rid the body of intestinal parasites. It aids in weight loss, makes hair shinier, nails stronger, and skin softer. This is just a short list of the benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth, but I think you get the gist. Honestly, this stuff is just amazing, and having tried it myself, I know it works.

    If you want to take a look at my blog (Grass Fed Beauty | Radiant health and beauty courtesy of nutrient dense, whole foods.) you can check out my writing style and decide whether or not you would like to pull me in for a guest blog.


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    Hey Mark, I am doing guest post in past. I wrote articles related to loan, health. If you need than please reply.

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    -I am interested in how to lose those last 5, 10, 15 lbs. & get cut/ripped. This seems like a constant conversation on the forum & I am tired of people saying, "Just accept your weight as is." Some of us want to be lean mean fat burning machines. Help.

    -Primal pregnancy prevention.

    - Hormones-I want to know about all the major ones: Lepetin, estrogen, progesterone, testoseterone, etc... & how to balance them. PMS is a huge issue.

    -Also, for Carrie: Primal skin & body care including products you purchase or make at home.

    -Primal pups- what does my dog NEED?

    Thanks Mark!

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