30 y old, 6'5", 185 lbs, BF%: 6 (measured with caliper by the 7-skinfolds method)

Here are photos of me (not flexed/flexed):

Goals for the first month or so:

* rip to a level of around 5% body fat: more distinctive/visible lower part of the six pack
* eat clean in cycles of at least 5 days, mostly in Intermittent Fasting style maybe(!) combined with lightweight version of Protein Spared Modified Fast
* cover the first 5 variants of the exercises in the book "Convict Conditioning", that is up to these:
** Full Push-ups: 2 x 20
** Full Pull-ups: 2 x 10
** Full Squats: 2 x 30
** Flat Straight Leg Raises: 2 x 20

I plan to do the exercises every other day, and in the days between to do "Sprint 8"-like HIIT on the elliptical (30 seconds of maximum effort, followed by minute and a half of moderate "resting" effort, repeated 8 times which takes of total 16-18 minutes (2-4 min warm-up - 8 x (0:30-1:30)).

I'll try to take pictures of the meals that I eat directly in twitter, and daily here.