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Thread: So many workout ideas, so little time! Need advice on combining workouts!

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    So many workout ideas, so little time! Need advice on combining workouts!

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    I have been trying to gain muscle and cut body fat since I started posting on here. I believe I have gained only about 1kg of muscle since March and gone from about 15-14% bf so things arent working very well and I still have a long, long way to go. My question is, how should I combine the big lifts, kettlebells & calisthenics/bw exercises, running & swimming into a 6day workout program? I want to include all of these things as I am really enjoying working out now, but I'm worried I will not make any gains if I exercise everyday. I was thinking something like:

    Monday PM- Squat 3x6, Bench 4x6, Row 4x6, Weighted Dips 3xF
    Tuesday PM- 30 min jog/walk
    Wednesday AM- Kettlebell & burpee tabata intervals
    Thursday PM - Squat 3x6, Press 4x6, Deadlift 1x6, Weighted Chins 3xF
    Friday PM - Sprints or Swimming
    Saturday - 1xF Chins, 1xF Pushups, Kettlebell Circuit/Jog

    Please let me know what you think as I am really hoping to get some results

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    I think that schedule looks good...if you can sustain that level and not burn out. Good luck.

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    You need to walk more and make sure your diet is dialed in. Those will help you fix your bodyfat percentage.

    I'm not so good at the building muscle part.

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