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Thread: (A little bit) silly question about Convict Conditioning "equipment"?

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    (A little bit) silly question about Convict Conditioning "equipment"?

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    Even with the practicality of the exercise program as a whole, (don't laugh) I find it hard to come up with a bench-like furniture to use, for example, with the Knee Tucks. The same is with the Incline Pushups - a table which is stable and solid enough and a bit higher than a regular table. It looks like this from the photos in the book - the table is at the waist level, I'm 6'5 and my waist is a good foot higher that a "standard" kitchen table.

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    Use what you can. Kitchen counter for the Incline Pushups. A solid chair for the knee tucks, or sit on the top of the stairs. Don't get too wrapped up in what it is supposed to look like, but figure out what it is doing for you.

    I did knee tucks on a chair, incline pushups on my desk, Australian pullups on my homemade suspension trainer. When I do leg lifts I hold onto a 25-lbs dumbbell to keep my torso in place while I lift my legs.

    When I start getting into the uneven squats and pushups, I'll probably use my suspension trainer rather than a ball.

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    jfreak is right. Use whatever you can get ahold of and adapt to it. What I love about CC is that it is not about equipment but good effective body weight exercises. I have even put my own variations on some of the exercises just because I can and it makes things more interesting. I tend to mix up slow and explosive reps too once I have mastered a certain movement. I have started to do push ups on my fingertips bacause I am finding close push ups easy and I haven't been able to advance on the one arm assisted push ups.
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