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Thread: Primal Diet and Warfarin - Is anyone on both?

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    Primal Diet and Warfarin - Is anyone on both?

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    New to Primal. New to Warfarin. Not allowed to have leafy greens or dark green veges with Warfarin.

    Is anyone else on Warfarin and if so, how has it affected your Primal Lifestyle?



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    I was on clopidogrel and aspirin. Found that the natural blood thinning of the primal diet meant I was bruising way too easily and getting some exertion headaches. No problems since I stopped the drugs

    Warfarin + anti-inflammatory diet could be tricky. You definitely want medical supervision
    Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

    Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine

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    I have recently been diagnosed with Atril Fribrillation. That heart condition requires a blood thinner. We found it very difficult to keep my blood thick enough because of my diet. I have salads a lot as a 'Fast Food', so getting dialed it was very hard to do.
    Foutunately I have been changed to Pradaxa and can now go back to eating anything.


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