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Thread: Burpees for Kids

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    Red face Burpees for Kids

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    I was randomly browsing through some songs to play while my DD is with me since song motivates her really well and stumbled upon a song called "Burpee, Burpee, Head and Shoulders". I'm very surprised and wanted to share it with you all in case there are other Primal Parents of young children who want some kid friendly songs!

    Burpee, Burpee, Head and Shoulders | Browse By Age | Kindermusik

    I know it's only a snippet...

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    Cool! My ds is 3.5 and loves to exercise with me His favorite thing is for me to run a mile to the park (with him in the stroller most of the way and then he gets out near the end to sprint/chase me). At the park we practice pull ups on the monkey bars, box jumps off the side of the playground (it's raised on one side), burpees, pushups, etc. Then he likes to go into the tennis courts and throw the leftover tennis balls and have me go chase them. He's a good workout buddy

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