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Thread: Sacking the Snacks

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    Sacking the Snacks

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    I've noticed that getting in the habit of snacking--even when snacking on healthy foods like celery or berries--causes other, less healthy cravings. Intense sugar cravings, empty jerky bags, and bowls of empty nut shells are common side effects to frequent snacking for most people. It's quite apparent that snacking shouldn't be a habit. How do you conquer the cravings and sack the snacks?

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    ive been doing a leptin reset for the past few weeks which means no snacking. eating a lot of protein in the morning makes a huge difference.

    beyond that its all about will power. what do YOU want most?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aly View Post
    How do you conquer the cravings and sack the snacks?
    I do it by eating huge meals. Probably 1500 calories or more. I normally eat a huge meal to break my daily fast and if I'm still kinda hungry a few hours later I'll have a smaller meal. The first meal is so satiating though, that I almost never get hungry for that second meal and don't feel like eating for a long time.

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    i keep them out of the house. nuts used to be a real problem for me with snacking, so i don't buy them anymore. i really only allow one snack--pickles--because there seems to be a cooling sensation with them when it's hot out.
    i also realized that when i was snacking, it wasn't from hunger; it was from boredom. so now i just do something like take the dog out for a walk or finally clean the dishes.

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    Make sure your meals are large enough to satisfy you for at least four hours at a time (without making you feel stuffed and sleepy) and stay busy between meals.
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    For me it was a combination of IF+Ketosis, though just for a time. Once the habit was broken, it was easy to only eat at meals.

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