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    Primal Journal (DepRatlAnimal)

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    I started with PB just about 3 weeks ago and am loving it! I think it will be helpful and motivating for me to track my journey as I’ve seen others doing.

    I’ve always struggled with my weight – I have a family history of type II diabetes and overweight, as well as a personal tendency to “live in my head,” reading, dreaming and writing rather than MOVING. But during college I hit a great point - unusual, I know! – because I started walking everywhere, just for relaxation and time to think (this included walking to and from a job about 2 miles away), and because I took an intro to weightlifting class and LOVED it. No light weights and infinite sets for me – I was way too impatient, I lifted as heavy as I could! After college, with more car travel and less gym access, things were more up and down again, but I at least had a firmer commitment to fitness.

    Getting pregnant reaffirmed that commitment for me – I wanted to be healthy for my baby and for myself – I didn’t want to become “middle-aged” as soon as I became a mom. Though I realize lots of luck was involved, I credit my fitness at least in part for the amazing and short natural birth I enjoyed. I kept it up after the birth even though I couldn’t get to the gym – I was nursing, had a growing baby to lift all day, and just for sanity’s sake I usually walked 3-4 miles/day with her in a sling. My body fat percentage had never been better!

    The downside to the story, though, was that my eating was terrible, full of processed foods and sugar that I normally would have avoided. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a powerful herb I was taking all that first year for nursing (goat’s rue, related to the drug Metformin) was probably helping quite a bit to keep my blood sugar stable despite the junk I was consuming. So two horrible things happened around my daughter’s 1st birthday. (1) She was getting too big to carry on my walks, and she hated the stroller – so I lost my primary source of exercise. And (2) as I weaned off the goat’s rue, I started having hypoglycemic reactions really frequently. When I went to the doctor to talk about how horrible I was feeling, she suggested that I needed to eat more. So I did eat more, but not better… A wonderful formula for weight gain, yes?

    Fast-forward to recently – DD is almost 2.5yo now. I’ve struggled with motivation to really deal with my weight gain, telling myself it’s really not that bad… But I have made some efforts to eat a better diet. DD and a niece have both struggled with food intolerances (esp. dairy and gluten) as little ones, and researching that led me to Weston, A. Price and Nourishing Traditions. So I’ve made some great changes, but still no weight loss. I’d started to hate seeing pictures of myself – so frustrated with myself for letting myself go, yet not stepping up to make a change. What’s finally gotten me moving is the realization that although my BMI is in the healthy range, my body fat is NOT – 3 weeks ago, it was 37%! This was right around the time a post on led me to MDA – I went for it immediately.

    So the first week, I lost 5 pounds, probably mainly bloat around my middle – the jeans I was just barely squeezing into (total muffin-top chic) were comfortable, even loose again! Week two, the pounds didn’t budge, but I moved down to 36% body fat. Now during week three, I’ve lost another half-pound or so. I’ve struggled with some low energy, but I’ve loved the food overall. I don’t have gym access, to 2-3x/week I’m doing some basic bodyweight exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, some jumping – at the playground, I hang on bars or on lower bars I try to do pull-ups with my legs stretched out in front of me).

    To close out this novel of an intro… Rather than pounds, I’m shooting for 25% body fat – who knows if I’ll get there before I get pregnant again – another of my current goals ? And my log-in name is from a book by philosopher-ethicist Alasdair MacIntyre, “Dependent Rational Animals.”

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    I'll also probably be talking a bit on here about introducing BP to my family. So far DH is supportive of me and somewhat interested for himself, but doesn't really want to try until after the holidays with all of the goodies He's relatively fit, healthy weight, enjoys running 2-3 miles at a moderate pace 2-3x/week, but I know he'd enjoy building some more strength. The big positive effect that I've seen with him so far is that he realized how awful all the holiday cookies at work, church, etc., were making him feel, and decided only to eat the higher protein, lower sugar treats people brought.

    I've hated how much I've had to stress about DD's nourishment, almost from birth. Though we're still nursing (how's that for primal ), a persistent low supply meant supplementing with formula from 2 months on. We realized she had major food sensitivities (to what I was eating) at one month, and that persisted as we started solids... And around 18 months or so, the pediatrician started quizzing us about her diet b/c she's around 90% in weight, and closer to 50% in height.

    It's hard to strike that balance between noting the potential for concern, and saying, hey, she's not quite 2.5. The reality is we've fed her a pretty healthy diet, at least by CW's standards - almost no fruit juice, sweets or junk food - plenty of vegetables and protein, not too many grains b/c of the food sensitivities, and whole grains (even sprouted) when she did eat them. I have given her some soy, though I backed down on that quite a bit once I read Nourishing Traditions. The two things I began to notice were (1) her diet was pretty low-fat, and (2) she ate an almost ridiculous amount of fruit. It seemed like she was always hungry for more fruit! A sugar addiction even though I never gave her the usual suspects, like candies or cake???

    Anyway, I'm excited to be trying to make her diet more primal, too. Her breakfasts freak me out a little bit, b/c they seem HUGE - but it's her biggest meal of the day so far. Today she ate a homemade turkey burger, half of an organic hotdog with organic, low-sugar, non-HFCS ketchup, 3 heaping spoonfuls (her little spoons, though) of sunflower seed butter, 2 little clementine oranges, and a few tiny guavas (this is all fruit she picked from her grandmother's backyard, so way exciting).

    She's not really into eggs and can't eat cheese, so I'm trying to keep lots of savory meat options around. I've had a lot of luck getting her to snack on vegetables rather than fruit later in the day - fresh carrot sticks, green beans or zucchini sauteed in CO, celery sticks with seed butter. I've also convinced her that some of her "favorites" make great roll-up sandwiches - deli turkey and healthy mayo with veggies wrapped in the center, romaine leaves lined with thin egg "crepes" and filled with seed butter and a tiny bit of low-sugar organic jam... I'm hoping to start making my own lacto-fermented ketchup, and wean her over to that...

    I wonder how many carbs, how much fruit or starchy veggies, are too much for a growing child??

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    Great day for primal eating with DD - she went 4 hours between meals/snacks, where normally it's more like 2! More satiated, better blood sugar? Let's hope!

    Her breakfast: Turkey burger, 1/2 organic hotdog, healthy ketchup, 2 clementines, a few small guavas, 3 heaping toddler spoonfuls of seed butter - WOW!

    Her lunch: 1.5 organic hotdogs sauteed in CO, 1/2 raw carrot

    Her snack: Ginger juice (lacto-fermented gingerale), roll-up sandwiches (deli turkey, soy cheese - the one remaining soy product in her diet, healthy mayo, and shredded romaine), grapes - probably should have given her a smaller handful

    Her dinner: I doubt she'll be very hungry - hopefully she'll be down for some chicken-veggie soup made with bone broth, maybe a little CO added

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    DH gave me an awesome advent treat last night - dark chocolate covered almonds! So grateful that he's been listening and willing to support me in PB. (The advent treat before this one was "a dozen of the fanciest free-range eggs he could find" at WF.) Anyway, it was maybe 12 almonds in the snack bag, and I inhaled them once DD was asleep, which meant I felt STUFFED falling asleep. I've been averaging like 1400 cal/day, and yesterday was like 1700 - but I was still close to 50g carbs, it was all extra fat grams! Anyway, I'm experimenting with skipping breakfast today since I went to sleep so full...

    Speaking of sleep, to support the weight loss efforts and so I can be a more cheerful mommy when DD wakes at 5-5.30a, I've been going to bed around 9.30 for a few weeks... Totally makes a difference in my attitude!

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    Welcome to MDA DepRatAnimal! In response to your second post, have you read Nina Planck's "Real Food for Mother and Baby". She's a follower of the WAPF WOE and if you omit the grains, her recommendations are pretty primal.

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    I have, just in the last few months, and it is great! WAPF totally led me to the PB - like you said, easy step to just omit the grains

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    Me - down another pound! Woo-hoo!

    DD - so far, so good today!

    - An apple with LOTS of seed butter

    - 2 deli turkey rollups with mayo, romaine & a little soy cheese (weaning her off with smaller and smaller pieces - this is the last package!)

    - a few ounces of pork chop with curry (store-bought, but no gluten, MSG or preservatives) and CO

    - a sliced up carrot

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    Had a hungry day yesterday. My hungry days seem to end up around 1700 calories, while at my fitness/activity level probably isn't very weight loss conducive... My less hungry days are more like 1400. Ratios for both: about 60% fat, 25% protein, 15% carb. I don't want to ignore hunger signals, so I'm just going to go with this for a while and see how it goes...

    Back to bodyweight exercises this morning! I had planned to do it yesterday, but I was still "recovering" after shredding my thighs on Monday. Note to self - do either squats OR lunges, not both. I want to work hard, but I really could barely walk T and W... I'm working up to doing things like burpees, love the idea of kettle bells, but for now, alternate 3x/week:

    Workout A: Pushups, squats, full plank, jumping, attempt pull-ups

    Workout B: Pushups, lunges, side plank, jumping, pike press

    Also trying to walk more, with DD or when DH comes home. Plus shooting for 15m interval work on our elliptical 2x/week.

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    Alright, pike presses are awesome - first try today. I have weak and narrow shoulders, so I will be so excited to build them up! I did a girly version today, knees rather than feet, but could do quite a few before it burned... So I may try to do the full thing next time - have to get my courage up

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    First dinner out since starting PB - steak fajitas at a Mexican restaurant - so good! Avoided the chips, beans, rice and tortillas, totally enjoyed the veggies dipped in a little sour cream and the steak with guac - yum! Feel great that I can eat out and stay on track

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