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Thread: "Evolving to Eat Mush:" How Meat Changed Our Bodies

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    (from National Geographic)

    This article is from 2005 and I apologize in advance if it has been posted before. (It didn't turn up in any search so I am hoping to avoid redundancy.)

    My only objection is that it still discusses dietary fat and cholesterol as bad things which we needed to evolve in order to "tolerate." But there are some interesting points about the need for dentistry.

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    The interesting thing is that malocclusion and other dental problems also correlate with increased consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Stephan has a nice post about this:

    Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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    The Weston A Price foundation has lots of good stuff on dental health with a "primitive" diet! It is far more than just cavities! Stephan's series on malocclusion is great!

    Thx for the National Geo article link. Sad how animal sourced fat and cholesterol are such poorly understood and feared substances.... Ancel Keys really put us down a dark path.

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