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Thread: Jumpsport rebounder

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    Jumpsport rebounder

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    Has anyone tried this brand of rebounder? They use bungee cords instead of springs. Looks like a much softer bounce. It's very similar in design to the bellicon but is way less expensive.

    I'm thinking about buying one and had my heart set on a bellicon but it costs like $980 to ship to Canada lol... Gotta pay shipping twice. The Jumpsport is like $250. Here's what they look like. Buy JumpSport Fitness Trampoline - mini trampoline, rebounder, exercise trampolines

    Just wondering if anyone here has tried one? Or recommending your favourite brand of rebounder and why would also be helpful. Or telling me not to rebound because they'll kill me? Thanks!

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    i own a cellerciser and the owner/operator is a good guy . I got mine when i was 500 pounds so i will stand by it or rather on it

    here is the link to the site which decided me, at the time jumpsport wasnt there it is now

    QUALTIY REBOUNDERS TESTED: Bellicon, Jumpsport, Needak, Cellerciser, Urban, ReboundAir, Lympholine
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