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    Is Marijuana Primal?

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    Thoughts/Science on that?

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    Are you eating it or smoking it? Not sure on its dietary benefits. If your using it to get high, you could take solace in the fact that plenty of traditional or aboriginal cultures use plants to have transcendent experiences.
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    I doubt it unless it is an occasional/ceremonial type thing. From what I know about h/g cultures, things like drugs that alter a state of consciousness were usually reserved for particular people during a particular ceremony, but not used for everyday use. Think tribal elders during a religious ceremony, or a medicine man or something.

    I admit I never particularly liked being stoned, but it was because I felt so... boring. I'd sit around and not have the energy or will to do anything. I know it's a pretty common thing, though there are some people who apparently get some crazy energy from smoking weed I think most people end up more relaxed and chilled out, wanting to just sit around mostly. Which would not really be conducive to your day-to-day h/g lifestyle, what with needing to locate and find food every single day and all.

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    I would imagine the cannabis back then was not nearly as strong as the commercial cannabis today, though. Folks have been selecting it for years to be super strong. I can't even have a hit of that stuff without needing a nap. I wouldn't be surprised if mj as it was millennia ago was less reserved than things like strong hallucinogens. Milder intoxicating substances seem to be more widely used from what I've read, like coca leaves, kava, tobacco, etc.

    As far as whether it fits in the modern primal lifestyle, I think it can. I don't think it's as hard on your body as alcohol. I don't think smoking is good for you, but I think you can have cannabis and be quite happy and healthy.

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    I would think so. Especially organic stuff. Though there are all the munchies and cravings for sweets to deal with when using it, so while it may be primal there are the "side effects" to consider. If you smoke and then gobble a gallon of ice cream and two bags of potato chips you might want call it un-primal.

    LOL-its the gateway drug to sugar *snigger, I crack myself up sometimes*
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    Put it in the same category as alcohol or cigarettes.

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    Heeeere we go again.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad1 View Post
    Thoughts/Science on that?
    My gut tells me that smoking of plant is neolithic.

    It also tells me that the book definition is primal includes something that says "Don't consume toxic substances".

    Another way to look at it: people probably didn't smoke marijuana and similar things until they either had the security to be able to do it without being attacked or eaten, and didn't need to worry about foraging for themselves.

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    I assume the OP either likes weed or is curious to try it, going to assume it's the first.


    - you are still a functioning individual that works, goes to school, takes care of a family, etc
    - you don't eat ridiculous shit
    - you don't undermine other responsibilities (in order to get high)

    then I see nothing wrong with partaking in it.

    I do it. I'm on and off with it a lot, but I do like it. I've had to come to terms with it before and for a time it WAS a negative and I had to cut it out. I've since learned to control myself and limit my exposure to it. I'm 26, there's probably going to come a time in the future where I won't do it at all but for right now it's something I like to do from time to time. The worst that happens is I eat some shit I wouldn't do otherwise.

    Also, I'm personally not concerned with every aspect of my life being "primal" especially if we're equating "primal" with "did cavemen do it?" because then I wouldn't do a lot of shit (such as type out this response on a computer, and transmitting it magically over the internet) If by primal you mean does it fall under the Primal Blueprint as authored by Mark Sisson... I'd say probably not as it's not specifically addressed in it. Having briefly met Mark though, I have a feeling he doesn't think it's the worst thing in the world, and if it helps you in some ways (and isn't wildly negative in other ways...) then he probably would be more concerned with other aspects of your life. I find weed helps keep cortisol levels nice and low

    FWIW my life isn't necessarily better when I'm not smoking, or when I am, it's always a constant. I've done enough back and forth experimentation to say that. Only you can say how it affects yours though.

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    Sure, why not. My last bout of munchies was half a bag of homemade beef jerky ROFL!

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