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Thread: Diabetes test

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    Diabetes test

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    I'm a newby to this site and normally I don't put much faith in the crap that's posted online relating to Diabetes but after reading Mark's, "The Definitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type 2 Diabetes", I felt compelled to join this forum. Great job!!
    I've been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic about 30 years ago. I manage my diabetes with a very low carb diabetic friendly diet, Humalog and Lantis insulin, exercise, frequent daily blood testing and a HA1C, three times a year. My A1c runs about 6.0. I'm 73 years old, athletic build, and other than being diabetic, I'm in excellent health. My exercise routine consists of interval anaerobic training, free weights, and the machines.
    Is there a test that will tell if my pancreas is putting out normal amounts of insulin? I want to determine if my diabetes is due to insulin Resistance, pancreas related, or both.
    A fasting glucose tolerance test will confirm that I'm diabetic but it won't reveal if it's insulin resistance or pancreas related.

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    Welcome! Sorry I don't know enough to help you out on this, but I'm sure someone else can.

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    I think I see what you're asking. Basically asking if your diabetes is due to insulin resistance or due to a lack of insulin production correct? I'm not an expert, but I think there are blood tests to measure your insulin levels. The only one I've heard about it fasting insulin, but I guess it could be measured at any time. Maybe ask your doctor about adding that test in next time you get the A1c tests.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum and kudos for your excellent health, and taking care of yourself.

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    Testing fasting insulin and C-peptide can help determine insulin production.

    C-peptide: The Test

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    Thank you marcadav, for the info on the c-peptide test. I researched the test and it's exactly what I want.

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