Hi Mark,
My name is Sanjay and ive been following moreorless your diet for a couple months now.
Suffice to say its looking good and i feel fantastic!

My father was recently diagnosed as having diabetes related kidney disease. The doctors are anticipating his kidneys will fail in the future (but they havent yet!). Now i know you're not a doctor, and i'm not asking for any medical advice.

But what i would like to know, is if maybe you could give a shout out any PB'ers here that are or were diabetics/had kidney problems that have been in a similar situation to my dad and used a PB/Ketogenic diet to improve their health, if they could contact me or PM, so i can get an idea of what kind of advice to give my Dad (he doesn't follow any diet atm).

If you can, that would mean so much to me, my Dad is the very definition of grok and you'd be helping a young man give back to his father who has given him so much.

Cheers, Sanjay